Eddy Daoriginal One

1197733_origEddy “Da Original One” is recognized across Canada for his spoken word poetry, performing and producing a variety of shows and events and contributing in the studio on a number spoken word recordings as engineer, arranger and producer. He is an exceptional performer, entertaining audiences through his engaging writing style, unique talent as a beat-boxer, and charismatic stage presence.

Born in Canada and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Eddy proudly represents his dual heritage, and has performed across North America, including Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, New York, and Miami. He has featured at numerous literary and music events, including the famed ‘When Brothers Speak’ Spoken Word Concert in Toronto, the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, the art/music/poetry series Soul Deep in Montreal, and the ‘2011 Canadian Beat-boxer Championship’ (as a VIP judge).

Eddy’s work is published in various African Canadian Contemporary Poetry anthologies, including the WordLife record, and the T-Dot Griots and Great Black North print anthologies. His full-length recordings include Stories, If Yuh Heard Spread the Word, and Caribbean Tales, and he has appeared in the two spoken word documentary films: In the Making, (2010), and Speak (2008). He also has produced spoken word performance series, such as Poetic Soul Spot in Ottawa, and created and performed musical/spoken word productions of his work, such as Beats, Rhymes and Lights in Toronto. In addition, he has conducted writing and performing spoken word workshops as a guest lecturer/facilitator at the Literacy for Hip Hop program (Toronto), Urban Arts (Toronto), Word is Bond (Halifax), Harambee Centre (Ottawa) and Dartmouth High School (Nova Scotia).

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